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News Release

November 26, 2009

Photos of Okanagan kids raise over $20,000 for Neo Natal Ward at KGH

What if helping out newborns at the neo natal war of Kelowna General Hospital were as easy as smiling for a camera? It was in a recently completed fundraiser by Elizabeth Soergel Photography which raised more than
$20,000 for the neonatal ward at Kelowna General Hospital.

The book release is scheduled for December 6th 2009 at Summer Hill Winery from 2 – 4 pm. All the families and children involved in the project will be invited for a fun afternoon of food, cupcakes & face painting at Summerhill Winery in Kelowna. The book will also be unveiled for the first time, parents will be able to take their copies home and a cheque presentation will take place. All books have been pre sold to the families involved.
For more information contact Liz Soergel by phone at (250) 317-4395 or visit her website at

Liz Soergel has created a beautiful coffee table book called Children of the Okanagan 2009. Each page features a different child, photographed by Soergel on location in the Okanagan this past summer. “I’m really pleased with how this book turned out” said Soergel. “It’s a creative way I can contribute to the neo natal ward. Project donors can see beautiful pictures of their children included in the book and the KGH Foundation received donations for each participant, as well as revenue from the sale of the book.”

Soergel’s inspiration for the project came after the birth of her daughter Lauren. When Lauren was born, she inhaled amniotic fluid which makes breathing extremely difficult for newborns. It can result in death if not treated immediately. Soergel and her family were grateful to the doctors and nurses that saved Lauren’s life and want to make sure other families receive excellent care in the Okanagan.

“The neo natal ward in Kelowna cares for newborns that need level 2, or critcal care. Many newborns from all over the Okanagan and as far away as Calgary are treated each year.” said Sarah Nelems of the Kelowna General Hospital Foundation. “The Children of the Okanagan book is a fantastic way to support the children and families we serve”.

Soergel’s book has 167 children and each photo session focused on the child’s individual personality. Soergel  waived the normal sitting fee but for each child photographed, a minimum $100 was donated to the children’s ward. The book is now complete and has been pre sold to the families involved.


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Children of the Okanagan 2009
Frequently Asked Questions

How did the fundraiser work?
We waived our regular $200 portrait sitting fee and instead asked parents/guardians to make a $100 donation to the KGH Foundation for every child that appears in the book.

Where is the money going from this fundraiser?
All the funds raised from this project will be going to the Children’s and neo natal ward of the Kelowna General Hospital.

When did this project start and how long did it run for?
This project officially started as of January 15th and ran all spring and summer so that we could take advantage of the best weather for shooting.

When will the book be released?
The book release date is set for December 6th 2009, in time for the holidays.

Where were the photos taken?
The images were taken on location throughout the area in order to showcase the beautiful Okanagan.

How many children were photographed for the book?
There are 167 children in the book.

How many children appear on each page?
There is ONE child per page for this particular book. We feel that in order to capture the truest essence and uniqueness of each child they should have the whole page for themselves.

Was there an age limit?
The age limit was 17 and under.

Who chose the images that went be in the book?
The parents/guardians were able to choose their favorite images to appear in the book.

Could people purchase images from the photo session?
Yes, parents could choose any images they liked from the photo shoot.

How much does the book cost?
This beautiful glossy page 9×12 hard cover coffee table with dust cover is $139.00 per copy.

Liz Soergel
Phone (250) 317- 4395