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As a new mom and a maturing woman (who’s feeling more and more comfortable in my own skin) I’m becoming more and more aware of the media and it’s effect on women. My daughter is only 3 years old and I already see how the media is effecting her and we are careful that the only thing she sees on TV is Dora.

It seems impossible to me to avoid the popular idea that all women must meet an impossible expectation of beauty. Large breasts, small thighs, large lips, brows that don’t move. What is all of this?

It scares me how constant and subliminal it is and I wonder if it is possible to teach my daughter to love herself completely.

I do know that the most important thing I can do is teach by example and as her mother I am her biggest influence – especially in the first 5 years of life which are the most important years.

One of the biggest reason I am comfortable in my own body (I’ve had my issues over the years and still find myself being critical at times – although able to snap out of it quicker that I used to) is because of my mother. She was a very practical woman who was elegant and at times knee deep in manure. In between I never heard her complain or wish that things were other than they were. She never openly criticized the way she looked or had endless creams to make herself look younger. She seemed to embrace her age and in my eyes grew old very gracefully. She is 77 years old and as beautiful to me as ever. She even played volleyball with me and my nephew when she was here in the summer. I love that.

With that said, I found this on UTUBE and I love the message that Dove is endorsing. Check it out

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